2016 Agenda

9am: Registration and Breakfast

10:00am: Welcome

10:10am: It All Starts with Product-Market Fit - How to build products that users can't live without, with Darius Contractor (Dropbox), Annie Chang, Dan Barak (Facebook), Moderated by: Elliot Shmukler (Instacart)

10:45am: Starting from a Billion: Lessons on Growth from Facebook and Google - Keys for growth analytics success, with Ken Rudin (Google)

11:10am: When You Hit a Ceiling - What to do when a growth channel exhausts, with Andrew Chen (Uber), Brian Balfour (Reforge), Sam Lau (Anfield Marketing Group)

11:45am: Lunch Roundtable Discussions -- small group discussions led by our speakers, over a local, organic and delicious meal. (This is not your typical boxed lunch kind of event). Each table will have a custom curated conversation -- see the topics below! 

1:50pm: Once You Find Em', Keep Em' Hooked - Building habit forming technology, with Nir Eyal

2:20pm: Iterating for Growth - How to iterate for growth in a mobile-centric world, with Akash Garg (Uber)

2:40pm: The Metrics that Excite Investors - The growth you need to raise a successful Series A, with Aaron Batalion (Lightspeed Venture Partners), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), Rebecca Kaden (Maveron). Moderated by: Jim Scheinman (Maven Ventures) 

3:10pm: High Speed Exit: From 0 to $1Bn in less than 3 years, Fireside Chat with Kyle Vogt (Cruise) and Jim Scheinman (Maven Ventures) 

3:40pm: Happy Hour Cocktails, Appetizers, and Networking

Lunch Roundtable Topics 

Aaron Batalion  - How Investors Evaluate Your Technology and Team

Akash Garg  - Managing your Apple App and Google Play Store Submissions 

Andrew Chen  - Implementing and Managing a Growth Team 

Annie Chang  - Design that Delights Users and Drives Business Metrics

Brian Balfour  - What Your Failed Growth Experiments Reveal 

Dan Barak  - Product Management from Idea, to PMF, to Growth 

Darius Contractor  - Engineering with a Growth Mindset

Gus Gostyla - Launching with Success on Google Play 

Ken Rudin  - Managing Growth Analytics at Your Startup

Jim Scheinman  - Defining Your "Vision Worth Fighting For" 

Norman Liang - Unlocking International Growth in Asia

Sara Thomas - Getting Funded: Going from Bootstrapped to Seed Funded